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Our Services

Stump Grinding and Removal

Stumps can be unsightly and problematic for home and business owners. Stumps and roots can cause a lot of damage to lawnmowers as well being a home to pests and bugs. Let us eliminate these hazordous  stumps from your property. Call today for your free estimate.

Debris Removal

When grinding stumps, there will be a large amount of mulch and debris created. No worries, we can remove all of this and more. From downed limbs to landscaping debris, let us help.

Tree Pruning

We are not a tree service but we will be more than happy to trim back low hanging limbs.  Overgrown limbs and shrubs can be overwhelming around walkways and porches. Let us bring a little light back in and keep the branches out of your way.

Storm Clean-up

When storms move in, trees and limbs come down. We are able to remove all storm debris and  stumps in a timely manner. Please contact us anytime to arrange for emergency response. 

Georgia 811

When digging below the surface, it is always important to know what lies beneath. We are partners with Georgia 811 and can have them come out to locate all underground utilities before grinding. This keeps your lights on our employees safe and customers safe. 

Land Clearing / Mulching

We now offer land clearing in the central Georgia area. From backyards to large acreage land plots, we are capable of forestry removal, brush removal or just tall grass mowing.  Growth around ponds is always an issue for customers, but we can help. Call today to ask about options available to you.

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